OpenTox Development

What is OpenTox?

OpenTox is a framework for the integration of algorithms for predicting chemical toxicity using the following approaches:

components for specialized tasks (e.g. database lookups, descriptor calculation, classification, regression, report generation) that communicate through well defined language independent interfaces

OpenTox Work Activities

OpenTox was initiated as a collaborative project involving a combination of different enterprise, university and government research groups to design and build the initial OpenTox framework. Additionally numerous organizations with industry, regulatory or expert interests are active in providing guidance and direction.

The goal is to expand OpenTox as a community project enabling additional expert and user participants to be involved in developments in as timely a manner as possible.

OpenTox Impacts-Alternative Testing Methods

OpenTox is working to meet the requirements of the REACH legislation using alternative testing methods to contribute to the reduction of animal experiments for toxicity testing.

Relevant international authorities (e.g., ECB, ECVAM, US EPA, US FDA) and industry organisations participate actively in the advisory board of the OpenTox project and provide input for the continuing development of requirement definitions and standards for data, knowledge and model exchange.