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Conrad Housand
Vividion Therapeutics

Conrad Housand is a Senior Investigator at Vividion Therapeutics, where he develops PBPK, PK/PD and QSP models used in the discovery and development of novel drug molecules.  For over 20 years, Conrad has been involved in the creation of models and software tools used by the pharmaceutical and environmental toxicology communities.  Prior to that, Conrad worked in fields including quantum mechanical atomic structure calculation, modeling and simulation for military training, and development of software for control of spectroradiometers and related data analysis.  Conrad is also the principal developer of Magnolia, a software application for modeling processes whose behavior can be described by systems of differential equations, including PBPK, PK/PD and systems biology models.

Abstract for OpenTox Summer School 2023

Incorporating chemical-specific metabolism pathways into an open-source PBPK model using Magnolia

Magnolia is a freely available software application which uses a simple, equation-based language for modeling systems that can be described by differential equations.  In particular, Magnolia is well-suited to the development and analysis of chemical-specific and fit-for-purpose PBPK models in settings where model transparency and communication of scientific knowledge are paramount.  In this session, we will present a brief introduction to Magnolia’s features and modeling workflow by modifying an existing model (perchloroethylene, PERC) to include production of a metabolite (trichloroacetic acid, TCA).  More information about Magnolia, including a download page, can be found at

Materials used in this session can be found online at