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15-17 CET
Online Meeting Room

2024 OpenTox General Assembly

To be held by GoToWebinar 21 February 2024, 15-17 CET (9 am New York, 11 pm Tokyo, 730pm New Delhi) 


  1. Confirmation that the General Assembly meeting was called according to the articles
  2. Discussion of webinars, virtual conferences, and hackathon events
  3. Discussion of the internship program 
  4. Status, outlook, and planned activities of working groups and local chapters
  5. Presentation of the yearly budget, plans, and activities, and vote 
  6. Approval of the minutes of the previous GA meeting
  7. Presentation of the association activities, financial situation, and discharge of the committee (Activities proposed 2024, Financial Report)
  8. Presentation of new suggested committee members and the election of the committee members and president
  9. Discussion of the current membership fee structure and membership needs and benefits
  10. Research and knowledge infrastructure activities