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05/17/2017 - 05/18/2017
Korea Research Institute of Chemical Technology

OpenTox Asia 2017

Korea Research Institute of Chemical Technology 

Event Recap: OpenTox Asia 2017

The Conference in Daejeon:

The Conference took place at the Didimol Plaza, a brand new conference building of the Korea Research Institute of Chemical Technology in Daejeon, South Korea

Organising Committee:

Seokjoo Yoon, Junghwa Oh, Tae-Hyun Yoon, Barry Hardy

Program Topics:

• International Collaboration
• Data Management and Integration
• Computational Science and Modelling
• Application of Stem Cell Biology to Alternative Testing Methods
• Application of Integrated Testing Methods & Weight of Evidence to Nanotechnology
• Emerging approaches to Industrial & Regulatory Risk Assessment

Program Format:

• Working Group discussion sessions
• OpenTox Learning Workshop
• Conference sessions on Current Topics
• Knowledge Cafes for discussions
• Poster Session