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Contact Info
Abishek Laxmanan Ravi Shankar
OpenTox 2020 Intern

I am currently pursuing a Master in Bioinformatics at Freie Universität Berlin. In my Master's Program my focus is towards Structural Bioinformatics and Protein Modelling. For my first internship, I worked on “Binding Site Detection of a Protein using Jupyter Notebook”. My research - review Article was on “Computational Approaches to predict Enhancers” For my Master's thesis I am currently working on the topic with regard to Toxicity, Molecular Docking, and Structure Prediction 

I did my bachelor's in BTech Industrial Biotechnology with my focus on bioinformatics and protein modelling topics. My bachelor thesis was on “Molecular Dynamics Simulation of Poly-Glutamine Molecules in predicting Huntington’s disease”. My mini-project work was based on “Modelling of L Arabinose Isomerase protein using Modeller 9.19 software. 

These experiences come in handy and I am currently very happy to be a part of “OpenTox Internship Program 2020”. Looking forward to working with the Team and would give my best to help the community.