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Gaurav Aggarwal
OpenTox 2020 Intern

I am final year postgraduate student pursuing M.Sc Life Science (Bioinformatics) at Central University of Punjab where I have learned many subjects which deals with the various aspects of genomics and proteomics. I did my B.Sc(H) in Biomedical science from University of Delhi where I learned many concepts related to interdisciplinary science. I have always wanted to explore the field of computational power to decipher various interactions of biomolecules.

I was a member of Think lab where I did my project entitled “Genetics of C.elegans and Chemotaxis plasticity in nematodes” at University of Delhi which was presented in Tata Institute of Fundamental Research. I did my Internship project in CSIR-IGIB where I published a Award winning paper as a first author in  6th world congress on nanomedical science, International Society for Nanomedical Sciences entitled “Synthesis of silver nanoparticles using Terminalia bellerica: Physicochemical characterization and their antibiofilm evaluation”. I recently completed project internship at CSIR-NEIST, the project work entitled as “Polyherbal formulation of Muscular dystrophy”. My recent project work in Young Science Leadership (YSL) under Science Leadership community is ongoing which is entitled as “System biology approach in discovery and development of personalized medicine through in silico approach”. 

I want to create a drug discovery and development database which will contain the Physicochemical properties of drug-target interactions in every possible orientation to provide the biotech and pharmaceutics field an add on to their time consuming research.