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OpenTox Secretariat Position 2023

Type of position - Part Time 

Assist The OpenTox Project In 2023 and Beyond 

The OpenTox Secretariat is a part-time position dedicated to the organisation and support of OpenTox activities including membership and event activity management and support of the President and steering committee in the operational aspects of the association. Responsibilities include:

  • coordination of scientific and educational programs
  • event management
  • membership management
  • outreach and communication
  • administration tasks

Your Duties:

  • Assist in administrative and financial tasks
  • Implement administrative processes
  • Support financial management and accounting
  • Contribute to reporting and communications activities
  • Support the team as needed in helping solve practical problems
  • Take responsibility for contributing to the sustainable growth of OpenTox
  • Progress the development of OpenTox to be a socially and ethically responsible and productive organisation 
  • Support OpenTox sponsorship and fundraising 

Your Values:

  • You are committed to goals and results-oriented
  • You gather energy working with others to achieve challenging goals
  • You find communicating with others rewarding
  • You can work alone and together as needed
  • You can take responsibility to contribute to the sustainable growth of OpenTox 
  • Honesty, trust, and transparency are important to you
  • You are able to do what it takes to get things done when needed
  • You have the interest to share your knowledge and learning with other employees, partners, and customers
  • You have views on the social, ethical, and environmental aspects of technology and business and believe such values should be integrated with organisational objectives and activities
  • You will help progress the development of OpenTox to be a socially and ethically responsible and productive organisation having positive benefits on society and its members 

Required Skills:

  • Excellent education
  • 2+ years of practical experience in business
  • Ability and motivation to learn and explore new fields and horizons
  • Strong communication and interpersonal skills, ability, and interest to learn new skills
  • You must have excellent and fluent oral and written English.

Your Application 

You should send your cover letter and CV/resume (including education, experience, job descriptions, references, availability, etc.) Please also send 1-3 descriptions or examples of your work.

Finally, please submit a 1-2 page summary about your work interests and experience, challenges you have overcome or want to take on, how you perceive OpenTox and what you will achieve with OpenTox in years to come. All materials will be treated as confidential.

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