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OpenTox Swiss Chapter Updates

On the 19th December 2018 in Basel, the OpenTox Local Chapter for Switzerland was launched with a small workshop on local research activities related to predictive toxicology, safety assessment, and 3Rs. The group agreed to establish a local OpenTox chapter and to take on the responsibility of organising the OpenTox Euro meeting to take place in Basel 23-24 October 2019.


1. Martin Smiesko (University of Basel), Modelling Bioactive Conformations
2. Tatyana Doktorova (Douglas Connect), Automated workflow for AOP hypothesis generation: the use case of non- genotoxic induced hepatocellular carcinoma
3. Kasper Renngli (ETH Zurich), Organs on a chip - challenges and perspectives for future applications
4. Rex Fitzgerald (SCAHT), AOP framework - update from 2018 OECD meeting
5. Blanca Suarez (Temas), Adaptation of OECD guidelines to Nanomaterials: the Swiss Malta Initiative

You can view the presentations from the event here.