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16.00-16.45 CET, 10.00-10.45 EST
Online Meeting Room

OpenTox Webinar: Occupational risk assessment and novel approaches

This virtual meeting will include a perspective by Michael Riediker (SCOEH) followed by a short discussion session.


The human health risk of a chemical is a function of its hazard and exposure, both of which are associated with uncertainties. Within the EU-funded MARINA project, an iterative approach was developed that focuses on the uncertainty of risk. The risk is assessed in several rounds using tiered hazard and exposure assessment approaches. The iterative strategy allows to allocate more resources to those factors that contribute more to the overall uncertainty of risk. This will allow to quicker get better estimates of the risks associated with a substance. It was applied to several nanomaterials and tested along the life-cycle of these materials. This talk will present the concept, show the application to several nanomaterials, and propose how it can be applied beyond the nanomaterials-field.


This talk presents the concept, shows the application to several nanomaterials, and proposes how it can be applied beyond the nanomaterials field.