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How to bridge the gap
The Swiss Center for Applied Human Toxicology will have a major presence at OpenTox Euro in Basel November 21-23.
How to use the “Detailed Report” feature in SkinSens ITS
Following the successful SkinSens ITS release during the Society of Toxicology annual meeting 2017, we received plenty of positive feedback and valuable suggestions for additional features.
OpenTox USA 2017 Summary
The OpenTox USA 2017 Conference took place July 12-13, 2017 at Duke University, Raleigh-Durham, which is a growing destination for biotechnology, pharmaceuticals, and life sciences.
Open TG-GATEs data access with OpenTox
Open TG-GATEs is a well-known large-scale toxicogenomics database, assembled by Japan’s Toxicogenomics Project (TGP) during 2002-2011 as a public-private partnership.
OpenTox Asia 2017 recap
During 17-18 May 2017, we visited green and beautiful Daejeon in South Korea for OpenTox Asia 2017.
OpenTox Data APIs
At Douglas Connect we focus on improving data management and data access solutions for scientific, industry and regulatory use.