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Highlights of OpenTox Euro 2017
Our OpenTox Euro Conference 2017 was held 22-23 November at Hotel Stücki and Technology Park in Basel, Switzerland.
It Also Depends on People
“To judge the toxicity of a compound, we must compare it with previous studies, make the data available and combine with specific compounds,” explains Chris Evelo
The new journey
One of the main messages of the Global Regulatory Science Summit held in Brasilia in September was that decision-making about safety assessment is undergoing a major transition.
New OpenTox Local Chapter
The new North Carolina Chapter grew out of an initiative to expand OpenTox activities in regions where the association has been active and has enjoyed support.
Scientific data pyramid
Session 5 of OpenTox Euro, "Integration and interoperability: data”, will be chaired by Clemens Wittwehr of the EU’s Joint Research Centre.
How to bridge the gap
The Swiss Center for Applied Human Toxicology will have a major presence at OpenTox Euro in Basel November 21-23.